Volunteer Opportunity - Inland Harvest

posted Jul 30, 2009, 10:12 AM by Trish Welham
From Lucretia/Inland Harvest:

Lucretia from Inland Harvest is looking for volunteers to cover a
routes in Riverside, San Bernardino, Ontario, Fontana and
Redlands. Help is especially needed in the Norco area. The KFC on
Hamner and the Taco Bell is picked up on Monday and taken to God's
Kitchen in Corona. You can contact her at *Lucirv@aol.com*
<mailto:Lucirv@aol.com> or 909 792-4855 home 909 557-5956 cell.

Many of us in RAHL have volunteered (and are still volunteering) for
this fantastic organization. It only takes a few hours or less to do the
job and the rewards are too numerous to mention. It is an especially
great way to introduce younger children to the benefits of "recycling" food.

You can check the website for Inland Harvest for more information,
http://inlandharvest.org <http://inlandharvest.org/>

Inland Harvest was established in late 1990 to feed hungry people by
transporting surplus food donated by hospitals, restaurants, hotels,
retirement homes, schools, bakeries, caterers, wholesalers and retailers
to already established feeding programs in the Inland Empire.

It is an all volunteer, nonprofit organization. In our 18 years of
operation, more than 18 million pounds of good food, which otherwise
would have ended up in the landfill, have helped to feed the needy.
Currently, 80 volunteers make over 300 pickups and deliveries every week
in the Inland Empire, to over 50 organizations involved in feeding the

Volunteers sign up for a set time and location to pick up and to deliver
food on a weekly basis. It can take less than an hour a week, and much
of the loading and unloading can be done by the organizations involved.

It feels good to take several hundred pounds of food that would
otherwise go to the landfill and see it make people happy.

Homeschoolers have made a strong, positive impact on Inland Harvest by
becoming volunteers. Many families in RAHL have worked with and are
still working with this terrific organization. If at all possible,
consider giving a little time to help feed the hungry.

P.S. Please feel free to pass this notice along to others who might be
interested in lending a much needed helping hand. Thanks in advance!