FREE Curriculum

Long List of FREE curriculum:

Early Learning:

1. Starfall - Teaches alphabet and early reading skills.

2. Brightly Beaming Resources - Letter of the week, sound of the week, science of the
week, etc. This is a good all-around site for early learning.

3. Rhyme a week

4. Enchanted Learning - Not really free, but a lot can be accessed without paying
(membership is $20 donation/year per family)

Whole Curriculum:

1. Ambleside Online - Charlotte Mason. Wonderful resource that includes lots of info and
is really a full curriculum option. Great booklist!

2. An Old-Fashioned Education - Another really complete option. LOTS of stuff to look
at and use here!

3. Puritans' Home School - I have never used this. VERY religious site, but it does
appear pretty complete.

4. Core Knowledge lesson plans - Tons of lesson plans on lots of subjects from PK-8. I
have not used this, but it looks really good.

5. Homeschooling section (not really a whole curriculum, but TONS of stuff)

6. Tanglewood Education

7. PASS Materials (FL)

8. Paula's Archives

9. EdSITEment

10. Mater Amabilis (Catholic Charlotte Mason Curriculum)

Unit Studies:

1. Homeschool Share - Lots and lots and LOTS of projects and unit studies.

2. A Journey Through Learning Inventor unit study and lapbook. Click on Free products

3. H.I.P. Pocket Change. Several Lesson Plans revolving around money

4. Homeschool Helper

5. Oceanography

6. SCORE Cyberguides

7. Eyes

8. Birds Notebooking pages

9. Nature Study

10. Canada


1. Ray's Arithmetic - 1885 math book on google books. Thorough and "back to basics".
(click on the icon on the page and scroll down to read/print)

2. CSMP materials - K-6

3. First Lessons in Arithmetic - 1878 math text

4. NC public school math program K-2

5. Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching (UK) - AKA MEP

6. Living Math History (lessons on right)

7. Pearson Scott Foresman K-5

8. Geogebra (Algebra and Geometry)

9. Oakes Math

10. Eduplace printable workbooks _ 4.html
and activities that coordinate with this program

11. Middle/High school math

12. McDougal Littell Math Course

13. Missouri Schools program (including TM/answers)

14. Glencoe Workbooks

15. Public Schools of NC math program

Math Drill:

1. Math Magician Games

2. Printable math worksheets

3. Math U See (online)

4. Math worksheets to create and print (some portions pay)

5. Timez Attack (multiplication video game - way cool) - basic is free

6. Harcourt activities

7. Learn to play chess (I guess this is math...haha)

8. Math worksheets for all ages


1. Word Mastery

2. Starfall (learn to read online)

3. Blend Phonics

4. Sadler-Oxford

5. Progressive Phonics

6. Society for Quality Education

Literature/Reading Guides and Units:

1. Novel Study Guides for the Classroom Teacher

2. Reading Units by Gay Miller

3. Garden of Praise

4. Glencoe Literature Guides

5. Literature Activity Guides by Nancy Polette - These are samples, but are in depth
enough to test if your child understood the story.

6. SCORE Cyberguides (California schools)

7. Dangerous Journey (Pilgrim's Progress for kids version) study guide

8. Course in nature study: for grades one and two - Detroit Public Schools

9. Nature-study: a manual for teachers and students

10. Readquarium (mostly games)

11. Harcourt Guides
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6

12. National Park Service

Free Books:

1. Classical Education Library

2. Kids4Classics

3. Project Gutenberg

4. Online Library of Liberty

5. Google Books

6. The Baldwin Project

7. Planet eBook

8. 19th Century Schoolbooks

9. Librivox - Free online audiobooks

10. Storynory - Free online audiobooks

11. Free Books online

12. Magic Keys

13. Fun Brain

14. Interactive Story Books

15. Stories about American Heroes

Free eBooks: The Ultimate Guide


1. Spelling City - Awesome website where you can input a list or click on
someone else's list. Games and quizzes, etc.

2. Zaner Bloser Spelling Connections - practice pages

3. Splashes from the River - free spelling course

4. Webster's Spelling - 1824 spelling book

5. Merriam Webster's daily Buzzword (and games)


1. Zaner Bloser online

2. Writing Wizard Make Handwriting Worksheets - ESL Writing Wizard

3. Custom Tracer Pages

Grammar and Creative Writing:

1. Harvey's Grammar,M1

2. Young Novelist Workbooks. There is a workbook for elementary, middle and high
school. Designed to go with national novel writing month, but can be used any time.

3. English Banana Elementary Workbook. For individual pages go to:
For complete download go to:

4. Scott Foresman

5. KISS Grammar

6. Daily Grammar

7. Book Adventure

8. Read-Write-Think

9. Grammar/Writing 6-12

10. Eduplace

11. Writing Templates

12. Writing for the Grammar Stage


1. Scripted 'People of America' History lessons

2. Little City Kids K/1 History/Geography plans

3. American Heritage. Uses teacher jargon, but is complete.

4. American History (WONDERFUL SITE)

5. Mosaic Introduction to World History

6. World History Outline

7. Animated Atlas of US history

8. Myths, Maps, and Marvels - Ancients lesson plans

9. Colonial Williamsburg

10. Ancient Mesopotamia unit


1. Growing Up Around the World: Books as Passports to Global Understanding for
Children in the United States is a project of the International Relations Committee of the
Association for Library Service to Children

2. Sheppard Software Geography (Online)

3. Discover America State by State. Uses the C is for...... book series.

4. Outline Maps

5. Nat. Geo. Xpeditions for Geography

6. click on downloads, give the info, click on downloads again.
A countries and cultures curriculum at your fingertips with all the activities and fun right
there...and enough to last a couple years! It's good for youngers too but it's quite a bit of
info to take in, so there's plenty of "meat" in there for olders as well. You could grab
some library books to go along with it for whichever country you are on.

7. Adoption/Cultures

Current Events:

1. TIME for kids.

2. NY Times Learning Network. Updated daily and many archived lessons


1. High school music ed

2. Classics for Kids

3. Piano Lessons

4. Guitar

5. Music Theory


1. Dick Blick Lessons

2. Meet the Masters

3. A Lifetime of Color

4. Teach Art at Home

Teacher helps (planning/support):

1. Donna Young - Tons of planning stuff, including some things like handwriting

2. Homeschool Inc. - Online planning software (very versatile)

3. Homeschool Tracker (planning software - basic free, full pay)

4. Online Lesson Planner, Scheduler, and Tracker

5. Super Teacher Worksheets. Lots of well done worksheets for all subject areas. Grade
level 1st-4th

6. Free Forms

7. Freebie of the day

8. Currclick. They feature a free product once a week to download. It usually changes
Monday afternoons

9. Freely educate. Lots of great links here

10. Hoagies Gifted. Tons of Free high school curriculum links

11. Education World

12. Internet Activities to coordinate with each grade and subject

13. Scholastic

14. Softschools

15. Videos (creationist site -- have not used)

16. Worksheets

17. Charlotte Mason stuff (not all free)

18. FossWeb by Delta Education. Click on the subject, then teacher resources. You will
then have to click on Teacher Prep videos for the lessons. Everything else on the page
supports the lessons. There are games, worksheets, and many additional resources listed

19. Higher Up and Further In blog

20. Pioneer Woman blog

21. Well-Trained Mind

22. Teacher Tube

23. Varsity Tutors - Free assessments and placement tests


1. Engineering for kids ages 8 and up. Single subject lesson plans. Nicely done and easy
to understand

2. Earth Awareness Curriculum for Middle Schoolers

3. Life Science Curriculum

4. Otter's Science

5. K-12 Science

6. Take a Cloud Walk (Cloud unit)

7. Science plans for 6th grade based on the "Prentice-Hall Life Science" book

8. Hands-On Technology Program

9. NASA for educators

10. Science Songs

11. Invitations to Science Inquiry

12. Science Videos

13. Animal Units

14. Animal Activity Packs

15. Videos that demonstrate experiments for every element on the periodic table

16. Click on the element and then on the microphone to hear about the element

17. Inventor's Timeline

18. BODIES, the exhibition ~ includes educator guides for various grade levels from
Carnegie Science Center. Even if you aren't interested in the exhibit or pictures of the
preserved bodies, there is good info in the guides that can be used for lessons:

Computer Science:

1. Blender 3D animation creation

2. Computer Programming Course

3. Computer Training Courses

4. Computer Animating and Design


1. Online typing Course

2. Dance Mat Typing

3. Touch Typing (Online)

4. Kiran's Typing Tutor

5. Learn2Type

Foreign Language:

1. BBC Languages

2. Elementary/Middle School beginning Spanish. The first book listed is a free download.

3. Greek and Latin

4. FSI Language Courses

5. Live Mocha - This is a social site, so you may want to monitor your kids closely on this

6. OFS (Online free spanish)

7. Spanish Unlimited

8. Latin Resources

9. French Resources

10. Boca Beth (Spanish)

11. Salsa (Spanish)

12. Mommy Teach Me Spanish

13. In the Beginning Greek

Home Economics/Life Skills:

1. Future Christian Homemakers

Virtual Field Trips:

1. Take a field Trip

2. Meet Me at the Corner

High School/College:

1. HippoCampus Free Courses

2. Mixed Courses in many subjects

3. Printable Courses in all subject areas. Not sure who funds this one, but I like how the
curriculum is laid out

4. University of Berkley Courses. Tons of Free Courses available here

5. Yale University Open Courses. Nicely done and easy to access IMO

6. University of Washington free courses

7. M.I.T. open Courseware. Tons of completely free courses in many subjects

Health and Nutrition: