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The following is a list of support groups for homeschool families in the Inland Empire. These type of groups usually do not have an affiliation with a charter or PSP. Some of these groups are secular/inclusive (meaning all faiths/non-faith are welcome) and some are exclusive (meaning they are created with a certain religious faith in mind). Some of these groups may have regular park days or special events. Please keep in mind that this list may not be current or complete. Contact the group directly to find out how to get involved!

*If you would like your group added or removed, please contact me at As a busy homeschool mom I only update this list once or twice a year. Thank you for your understanding.
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A Future and A Hope Academy A Future and a Hope is not an PSP, just a group of Christian Home Schooling parents who have a need and desire to hold some classes at a common place. Our hope is that we glorify our Lord as we focus on the future of our children.  
Corona Homeschoolers This is an interactive group for all homeschooling families in Corona, California and surrounding cities. (i,e. Riverside, Norco, Mira Loma, Ontario, Chino Hills, Eastvale, etc.) We can share ideas, get together, plan events, field trips, curriculum, etc. We welcome ALL homeschooling families of all Judeo-Christian religions. I encourage you to also join the Inland Empire Catholic Homeschoolers yahoo group as many of our mom's have, for groups that are further out, but have wonderful activities. We will not be repeating their posts here, so that we don't double the messages sent to you. We will be offering our own park day, field trips, and close by support in addition to what IECH offers. 
Corona Homeschool Playgroup This e-group is a place to make new friends, share resources, or any other questions related to homeschooling in the Corona, CA area. It will also advise of our play group activites. The group is restricted. This list is secular in nature. 
Disney Schooling A homeschool group who meets at the theme park!As list members, we are always interested in the educational experiences that we can have at Disneyland/CA Adventure. This will be a forum where we can share the educational gems we notice there, and even ideas for at-home follow-up activities.  
Freedom in Christ Homeschoolers Christian-based group of homeschooling families in the Perris Valley and surrounding areas. While we are Christian-based, we are not exclusive. If you are not a Christian and would like to join, you are welcome to, however, please understand that Christ will be proclaimed freely here. 
Freedom Valley Homelearners All-inclusive (non-faith based) group of homeschooling families in the Temecula Valley area. The purpose of the group is to provide information and support to homeschooling families in the Temecula Valley Area. In addition to the yahoo email group, this group offers regular parkdays throughout the valley and fieldtrips throughout So. Cal, Tween & Teen groups & access to coop classes & news from the homeschool community 
Hawthorne Center This is the announcements list for Hawthorne Center's homeschooling public. Hawthorne Center, located in the Fontana area, was originally founded to be a resource facility for homeschoolers in the Inland Empire and environs. At one point it was incorporated to be a public charity with the goal of helping homeschool teachers stimulate their students. Now, it is in the process of becoming a private operating foundation run by the Schrokosch family that will continue to support homeschoolers, but also will support other publics with the goal of creating project-based learning opportunities. Please subscribe to this HC list to find out about events, activities, workshops, classes, fairs, fundraising opportunities, etc. going on at the Center and around So Cal of particular interest to homeschoolers. The moderator is Donna Charles Schrokosch at 
Hemet Christian Homeschool Group We are a christian homeschool support group. We do monthly field trips, weekly park days and playdates, bible studies and more.  
High Desert Homeschoolers High Desert Homeschoolers (HDH) is a group of Victor Valley, California parents who have chosen to educate their children outside of the traditional classroom. Our primary purpose is to offer support for each other and share homeschooling ideas, as well as to provide our children with fun opportunities, both structured and informal, in a safe supervised setting. 
Homeschool Connection We are here with a heart to serve homeschooling families who desire the fellowship of other families through field trips and social events but do not wish to be enrolled in Calvary Christian Academy PSP. Our support group offers several social events; a monthly field trip, nature study club, Mom’s Night Out, park days, and holiday celebrations.  
Inland Empire AllWaysLearning (IEAWL) This is a private web group for participants of Inland Empire AllWaysLearning (IEAWL). Inland Empire AllWaysLearning (IEAWL) is an intentionally fully-inclusive support group open to all families who are currently homeschooling or who are considering this educational option -- regardless of culture, religion/belief system, or homeschooling style. Individual families are welcome to choose sponsor activites, such as field trips and classes. List membership is open to those who have applied with an informational appplication. 
Inland Empire Area Homelearners (I.E.A.H.) provides members with homeschooling information, support and resources! We plan field trips, co-ops, keep each other informed of fun, educational area events, homeschooling news, and have a WONDERFUL Park Day Group!!!!! We welcome all faiths, and beliefs, and all styles of homeschooling. We welcome all ages, from birth through college! We have many seasoned homeschooling moms who are an amazing source of wisdom, families who are brand new to homeschooling & every stage in-between. We ESPECIALLY welcome moms of babies, tots and preschoolers who are just beginning their parenting journey. 
Inland Empire Catholic Homeschoolers We are a Catholic Homeschooling Support Group in the Inland Empire area of California. We serve all of the Inland Empire (Riverside and San Bernardino Counties), and parts of Los Angeles and Orange County. 
Inland Empire Kids Outdoors Welcome to Inland Empire Kids Outdoors! Kids Outdoors provides fun, safe opportunities for families to explore the outdoors. Typical activities include walks around local nature areas, playgroups, campouts, workshops, visits to local museums, and short nature hikes. The Inland Empire offers an abundance of opportunities to explore nature, from waterfalls to wildflowers and botanical gardens to wilderness areas. We believe nature and the outdoors should be a part of every childhood, and welcome outdoor enthusiasts from all backgrounds. 
Lake Arrowhead and Mountain Communities Network extensive resource site for Inland Empire homeschoolers 
Riverside Area Home Learners All individuals interested in home learning - regardless of their religious views and affiliations, political persuasions, or educational philosophies - are welcome to attend our group activities. We believe that our group in enriched by the diversity of its members 
Word of Wisdom Inland Empire Word of Wisdom Inland Empire is a homeschool support group open to all homeschoolers but based upon the beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is set forth for those seeking encouragement and unity within the LDS Homeschool community while providing opportunities of service, fellowship, and learning. 
Yucaipa Valley Christian Home Educators (YVCHE) We are a homeschooling support group where we can meet other local families taking responsibility for educating their children by using resources in the home and community. Share tips, discuss problems, and pool ideas through park days, field trips, moms night outs, and other group activities. We are a Christian ran group, but families from all faiths and surrounding areas are welcome. We meet every 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at Wildwood Park in Yucaipa. 
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