New to Homeschooling

There are four legal options for homeschooling in California: establishing your own home-based private school, enrolling in a private school that offers independent study (PSP), using a public school independent study program (ISP) or charter school that caters to homeschoolers or, if you have a credential, using the tutorial option.

These options are further explained on the sites of California's three homeschool associations:

Homeschool Association of California (HSC)

California Homeschool Network (CHN)

Christian Home Educators Association of California (CHEA)

If you decide to use the PSP or charter school option, go here to research your choices in the Inland Empire.

There are many homeschool philosophies, methods and curriculum to choose from and you can check out the Curriculum Choices and Philosophies and Methods pages for more information.

Also, Ann Zeise has created a wonderful site with an almost overwhelming amount of information. Here is a link to her page on beginning to homeschool.